Top 8 Common Causes Of Glaucoma

The eyeball is filled with an aqueous humor, which generates pressure in the eye in order to give it a shape. This fluid in healthy eyes constantly flows out of and in the eye. It flows back into the blood stream the same as that is created to keep the pressure correct. When the fluid is not able to flow properly, the pressure in our eyes can damage our optic nerve, which connects our eyes to our brain and the nerve fibers coming from the retina, which is the light-sensitive nerve tissue lining the eye’s back.

Causes Of Glaucoma – The Most Common:

Glaucoma is an eye disorder, which causes optic nerve damage and can result in vision loss. Glaucoma occurs when the trabecular meshwork in the eye are slightly blocked, thus preventing the aqueous humor from flowing properly. A blood vessel preventing the trabecular meshwork may also block fluid from flowing properly.

There are a plenty of factors, which may increase the risk of suffering from glaucoma:

  • Age: Glaucoma becomes more common when you get older. This condition most often occurs in people over 40

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