8 Symptoms Of Lung Cancer That Everyone Women Needs To Be Aware Of

Next to heart disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death of individuals in the United States. And while there are multiple forms of cancer that exist, it is lung cancer that is the number one killer of both men and women.

Factors such as family history, age and, of course, smoking, are the biggest influencers on whether or not an individual develops the disease.

Although there are diagnostic tests that are able to determine whether or not a person has lung cancer, often times it is a race against the clock to find the most aggressive treatments available.

Diagnosing lung cancer can sometimes be challenging because the symptoms can be subtle. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your body and stay in good communication with your doctor.

Take a look at the 8 symptoms of lung cancer to watch out for and make sure you talk with your doctor about any concerns you might have.

1. Shortness Of Breath


 Shortness of breath after waking up is one of the early signs of respiratory problems related to lung cancer.

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