Sensory Processing Disorder & Swimming Lessons

Therefore, when they are in the water, other skills can be worked on, such as

  • speech
  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills

If this type of student loves the water but has another area of a sensory processing disorder, such as a response of fear of noise, social interaction, then this is a great opportunity to achieve success in these areas.

For a student with a water sensory processing disorder to get the most benefit from swim classes, they should be with a teacher who understands this condition, has experience in dealing with this,& makes the classes fun in a safe and & controlled setting.

These classes should always be in a one on one setting, so that other areas of their sensory processing disorder can be studied & goals can be set & then met.

If a student has an extreme inappropriate fear response to vents or tubes, but loves the water, this is a perfect time to work on overcoming that phobia.

If a student loves the water, but has underdeveloped social skills, this is also a great time to reach goals in this area.

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