Sensory Processing Disorder & Swimming Lessons

However, if the student has the kind of sensory processing disorder where the water creates a response of fear & anxiety, this kind of instruction provides them with a safe way to work through these response which usually spills over to the area of bathing, showering, etc.

The benefits of private swimming lessons with an experience & fun teacher can change the world of a student with a sensory processing disorder.

They will have the opportunity to release their anxiety of water- related activities, relax & even enjoy themselves.

In addition, those with a water sensory processing disorder whose response is over-the-top excitement who take this instruction, will have the opportunity to put in perspective all water-related activities & actually have a sense of calmness around water.

They may even develop a tolerance or even fondness to the water.

When a student has a sensory processing disorder it is vital to diagnose & set goals to achieve success in each specific area.

In regards to water & the skill of learning to swim, it can be a difference between life & death.

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