Weird Stroke Signs in Women No One Takes For Granted

There are different types of strokes. Everything depends on the cause.

  • Ischemic Stroke – includes a clot
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke – includes blood vessel rupture
  • Transient Ischemic Attack (Mini-Stroke) – includes a temporary clot

Now, many women don’t feel the need to call the doctor or take bigger measures when a mini stroke occurs. Some of them don’t even feel it.

However, that’s the sign of something bigger that could follow. See at it as an alarm for you to take immediate measures.

You can do that by learning the symptoms from a stroke. It will help you prevent bigger damages and live a long and happy life.

In the next few minutes, we are going to direct our attention to the risk factors and hidden symptoms that could lead to stroke.

I will divide them into two sections: one for both sexes and another for signs showing only in women.

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