Eye Surgery Postoperative Instructions


1.    You will have mild discomfort following surgery. If you require pain medication we recommend Tylenol every four hours as needed.
2.    If you are wearing a patch following surgery leave in place until our staff removes it at your one day post op visit, unless we tell you otherwise.
3.    For 1‐2 weeks after surgery you may need to wear a shield taped over the operated eye. We will discuss this with you at your post op visits. This is to prevent any pressure on the eye while you are sleeping.
4.    Immediately following surgery your vision will be blurry. Depending on the type of surgery you have your vision may fluctuate for several weeks after surgery.
5.    If you experience significant pain, visual loss, or excessive discharge, call 214‐360‐0000. If the office is closed, please leave a message for the on‐call staff and your call will be returned.
6.    Crusting and debris on the eyelids is common after surgery. Your eyelids can be cleaned with warm tap water and a cotton pad or tissue. Remember that care should be taken not to apply pressure to the eye.

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