My Advice for Those with Autism: Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Are

This guest post is by David Powell, a young adult on the spectrum who attends Grand Valley State University.

About six months ago now I wrote a previous blog called “Understand Me.” The purpose of my first writing was to provide closure to those who thought of speaking about their autism, but something was in there way to prevent them from expressing their minds. I will say even with my outspokenness of my autism, it has only made a dent. The idea reminded me of a new product. The product comes out with its newest best model ever made, but yet only three months later they would come out with an even better one. My blog was merely a trend to society. People think about it for a week and get excited for the idea, but when that new product comes out, my blog and my autism is nearly dusted away.

The first month or so people rejoiced the person I was, and the person that I was going to become. I got an unbelievable amount of support that I am very thankful for in my life. Most support coming from my family, closest friends, coaches, and professors. After the first month though things turned down hill quickly. Suddenly I am getting that since of loneliness again, and soon fall into depression.

Depression has unfortunately occupied my life for the last five years, and has greatly affected it. These past four to five months being the worst I have ever experienced. I am still trying to understand why I got so sad after such a great event in my life. Maybe it had something to do with not having a girlfriend? Maybe it had to do something with my social life? Maybe it had to do something with my life at home? Maybe it had something to do with all of those? In fact it had something to do with all these subjects.

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