My Advice for Those with Autism: Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Are

Personally I have never experienced dating a girl. I had gotten to a point to which I could not handle that idea anymore, and got very frustrated with myself. Frustration led to a sense of urgency, but when I knew that I would probably not get a girlfriend in the near future, I fell apart. I would say most nights during a week I cried myself to sleep, and most days I thought about it. If you have autism and have never dated a girl before, you are not alone and I feel what your going through 100%.

My social life went from having one hundred friends, to fifty friends, to six friends. Those six friends helped me through an unimaginable depression, and I am very thankful to those friends that truly understood the person I was and the person I was going to be. Loneliness is not a fun feeling, and when I felt that, they were always there for me. My advice is to find friends who understand you and ones that truly believe in your long-term goals because they are the ones that will help make you, or your son or daughter successful.

Depression is a very hard mental event to go through, and with outside externalities that do not help, yes life can get very difficult. At this point in time I have left the track team to focus more on graduate school, and have gotten even closer with my six closest friends. I get the vibe now that some of the people who rejoiced my autism soon forgot about it, and soon forgot what autism truly is.

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