Gut, Brain, and Autoimmune Disorders

The panel of amazing speakers included: Dr. David Brady (Naturopathic physician with expertise in autoimmune disorders, integrative lab testing and integrative gastroenterology), Dr. William Davis (cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly), Dr. Tania Dempsey (NY physician and expert in thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiencies and food sensitivities),  Dr. Alessio Fasano (world-renowned gastroenterologist, celiac disease expert and researcher), Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. David Perlmutter (neurologist and author of the book Grain Brain).

I was pleased to find that all of the science shared and approaches to eliminating symptoms, reducing and reversing autoimmunity described by the faculty aligned perfectly with my research and journey that I share on this blog and in my book for overcoming Hashimoto’s.

I also learned a great deal about additional treatments, theories, emerging therapies, the history of wheat, as well as new types of tests that may soon become available.

The speakers are at the forefront of research in autoimmunity and nutrition and shared a wonderful amount of information that will help more people with autoimmune conditions get better. I took a whooping total of 56 pages in notes!

Dr. Brady set the tone of the presentation with a very appropriate quote “Death begins in the colon.”

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