How my doctors made me doubt my invisible illness

Many people with an invisible illness are often too scared to seek help. I am one of those people. 

Of course, I worry that people won’t take me seriously. I worry that they’ll think I’m overreacting or worse – making it all up, but it’s not the general public, family or friends thinking this that has made me feel too afraid to seek help.

It’s the doctors who were supposed to help me in the first place.

I suffer from ulcerative colitis, a form of Inflammatory bowel disease. I have suffered with it for years, but I was only officially diagnosed in 2015.

And that only happened after I underwent an emergency operation to remove my large intestine that I was diagnosed.

For two years leading up to the operation, I had been in and out of the doctor’s offices. I was looking for help, for explanations for my symptoms.

My ‘back passage’ was swollen and constantly bleeding and I had awful abdominal pain.

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