Survey: Kratom ‘Very Effective’ for Chronic Pain

“I have been living with chronic pain from multiple reconstructive foot surgeries for 20+ years. Kratom not only effectively treats my pain, but it enabled me to tell my doctor that I no longer wanted my monthly tramadol prescription.”

What pain conditions does kratom work best on? Again, this is not a scientific study, and we don’t have a lot of data for certain conditions. For example, 100% of the people who used kratom for cancer pain said it was “very effective” for them, but we only had 27 respondents who identified cancer as the primary reason they used kratom.

On the flip side, over 1,700 respondents said they used kratom for back pain, so the data is probably more reliable for them. And 92% said kratom was very effective for back pain.

Percentage Who Rated Kratom “Very Effective” for their Pain Condition