The 2 Tim Burton Characters That Help Me Cope With My Pain

One of the biggest challenges of my life was growing up with fibromyalgia. The pain affected every aspect of my life. Most of my grade school years were spent in medical offices, and homeschooling. When I was able to be at school, I was happy to be around people my own age, but being out of the social loop, I struggled to maintain peer friendships.

My 6th grade teacher also has fibromyalgia. She knew how difficult it could be. Not only did she helped me to feel a part of the class, but she also introduced me to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” at the class holiday party. Little did she know how much that film and Tim Burton’s other film, “Corpse Bride,” would impact, inspire and comfort me for the rest of my life.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

I was captivated by the film’s music, imagery and Sally. Sally, the leading lady, is a living rag doll from Halloween Town. She was the first film character I could completely relate to. I saw Sally as shy, smart, caring and willing to go against the grain. More than anything, she wanted to be a part of life. But, being a rag doll, Sally had physical challenges, just like me. Sally did not have a steady walk, would often fall apart and limited who she interacted with.

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