Ankylosing Spondylitis : Some practical advice

Get a suitable chair :

The ideal chair either at home or at work has a firm seat and an upright, firm back, preferably extending to the head. A chair with arms will also help to relieve weight from the spine. The seat should not be too long, as you may have difficulty in placing your lower spine into the back of the chair. The chair should be of a height which will allow you to keep a right angle with the knee and hip joints. Office chairs should be adjustable. Whatever you do, avoid low, soft chairs and sofas as they will encourage bad posture and increase pain.

Watch how you sit :

Try to move your spine regularly, straighten it out and stretch it by sitting tall and pulling your shoulders back. Try not to sit for too long.
Stand up, walk about and stretch.

Sleeping/Choosing a bed :

Take care with your bed, mattress and pillow. The ideal bed should be firm, without sag, but not too hard. If you have an interior sprung mattress with a sprung base which is not very firm, place a sheet of chipboard or plywood between the mattress and the base. Try to use as few pillows as possible. A feather pillow can be moulded to suit any position and still give your neck good support. If you decide to buy a new bed it does not need to be the most expensive. You should choose an ordinary interior sprung mattress with a firm edge.

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