6 misconceptions someone with borderline personality disorder wants you to know

2. BPD is nobody’s fault

We were not simply born with BPD, but neither did we develop BPD as a direct consequence of our environment; it is a complex combination of the two. The biosocial model of BPD states that the disorder develops as a result of the interplay between nature – our genes and biology – and nurture – our early environments as children.

Specifically, a child with a sensitive predisposition who is vulnerable biologically to developing mental illness, and who grows up experiencing an early invalidating environment and perhaps various types of trauma, is more likely than a child without these characteristics and experiences to go on to develop a disorder such as BPD. However, there is no one gene or brain area responsible for the disorder, in the same way as there is no specific life event or trigger which leads to its development.

Just like any other mental health condition, BPD is not a choice and neither is anyone to blame. BPD is the unfortunate consequence of a combination of vulnerabilities.

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