Autoimmune Disease Symptoms You Need to Know About

I know it sounds frightening — and it is. But there’s hope. Now that we’re starting to understand the source of the suffering for so many people with autoimmune conditions, we have the opportunity to stop it and vastly improve the health and longevity of our entire country at the same time. And it all starts with healing the gut.

Now, while autoimmunity is on the rise, full‐blown autoimmune conditions don’t seem to happen to everyone — yet! — and that’s great news. If we can figure out why some people get so sick and others don’t, we can tackle autoimmunity at the source.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of both leaky gut and autoimmune disease is their progressive nature. Leaky gut typically starts off as general gut inflammation but over time will advance to nutrient malabsorption and food or other chemical sensitivities. One way to start the healing process? Start eating dirt.

In addition, you want to remove foods and factors that damage the gut, replace them with healing foods, repair with specific supplements, and rebalance with probiotics.

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