Best alopecia areata natural treatment

  • Massages

Massaging the scalp and hair patches is also known to promote minimized effect of alopecia areata. Sufficient massages on the scalp will promote hair growth. This will raise the possibility of re-grown hair on the patches. You can use any natural oil for massaging the scalp affected by alopecia areata. These oils include jojoba, rosemary, coconut, and lavender oil. Rinse the excessed oil thoroughly with warm water when the treatment is finished, making sure no excess is left as it may lead to dandruff problem.

  • Reducing stress

Although not the only risk factor of alopecia areata, stress plays a big role in triggering the effects of this disease over your hair and scalp. Reducing stress will be beneficial in dealing with the hair loss problem. Make sure you have enough sleep and manage the stress wisely. Try to relax your brain before night sleep and after waking up.

  • Using medicated shampoo

Although does not provide an instant effect on alopecia areata-affected scalp, medicated shampoo containing natural supplement, such as spinach, celery, or ginseng may help promoting scalp health and hair growth. Proper hair washing treatment also induces hair re-growth with alopecia areata. Massage the scalp in a circular motion during hair washing, which will promotes sufficient blood supply to the hair follicles. This will raise the possibility of having your fallen hair in the patches restored faster. You can also consume these natural supplements with your foods, as they are also beneficial for your entire health, instead of merely the hair and scalp. Boil some celery or ginseng and drink the extracted water regularly to combat alopecia areata.

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