Common Complications of Crohn’s Disease

Learning you have Crohn’s disease can be overwhelming. It can be difficult not knowing how your condition will progress and what problems you may need to manage. Understanding the possible complications of the disease and how to act on them can help you take control and feel better faster.

Below are the most common complications of Crohn’s disease. Although many of these complications can’t be treated without your doctor’s help, it’s important to recognize them so you can call your doctor right away. The faster you seek treatment, the sooner you’ll get relief.

Blockage of the Intestine

Crohn’s disease can cause severe inflammation in portions of the small intestine. This inflammation can lead to swelling and the development of scar tissue, which can narrow or block the passageway that allows digested food to progress through the bowel. The blockage can cause symptoms such as cramping pain in the abdomen, bloating, and sometimes vomiting.

If you experience a blockage, your doctor may prescribe medication to help reduce the inflammation that is causing it. Surgery may be necessary if medications don’t work.

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