Home Eye Safety Month: Cataracts, glaucoma, eye floaters, and night blindness

In this we present our top health stories discussing cataracts, glaucoma, eye floaters, night blindness, and more. Nearly half of eye injuries occur at home, so various health organizations will be raising awareness of the threats you home poses to your vision.

The Friends for Sight organization has put together a list of helpful tips in order to protect your vision. These include wearing eye protection, following safety precautions when using stairs, removing debris and obstacles in walking areas, and always washing your hands before washing your face.

Below you will find more helpful tips to protect your eyes and your vision.

Prevent cataracts naturally: Home remedies and diet

For most people, cataracts develop slowly and don’t disrupt the vision early on. But with time and age, this will interfere with your daily life and you’ll need eyeglasses. You may need surgery down the road, generally, a safe and effective procedure. But still…the question is how to slow down cataracts? Are there any natural remedies for cataracts? Is there a natural way to cure cataract even?

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