The Best PCOS Diet Plan

When you are losing weight in order to help with your PCOS, you will want to focus on a diet that is geared toward improving your insulin sensitivity rather than just a traditional low-calorie diet. This means a low-carb diet that has a lot of foods with a low Glycaemic Index. Take the time to learn about which foods will help your PCOS and which will make it worse, so that you can create a diet that will assist you in your fertility goals. Losing weight will also help with many other aspects of your life and will make you feel more energetic, confident, healthy and happy.

What Foods to Avoid

What foods should you avoid if you suffer from PCOS? Here are some of the foods that will have a negative effect and make your symptoms worse if you have this disorder.

foods to avoid PCOS

Sugary Foods

Many women with PCOS have higher insulin levels than normal, which will cause them difficulty when they are losing weight. This is because the main role of insulin is controlling blood sugar and it will cause fat storage. If you can eat fewer sugary foods and cut down on your simple carbohydrates you will be able to lose weight, lower your risk of diabetes and feel a lot better. This means you should avoid sweetened cereals, cookies, sweetened juices, soft drinks, candies, baked goods and other sugary foods.

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