3 Fungal Infections That Cause Hair Loss – And How To STOP Them

Pityriasis Capitis

Molecular Studies have suggested M. globosa as the most common pathogen responsible for pityriasis capitis.

Dandruff manifests itself as itchy, reddish brown patches on the scalp. Statistics collected by the National Institute of health indicate that pityriasis capitis has a worldwide prevalence of between 2% and 5%.

Large numbers of Malassezia yeasts invade hair follicles distended with keratin. Confirmation of an attack by pityriasis capitis can be done by experienced dermatologists. Demonstration of spores in the scalp is considered confirmatory.

Special stains are used to visualize the spores. These include Periodic acid schiff’s or Gomari’s methane amine silver stains.

Does Pityriasis capitis/Dandruff attack both Men and Women equally?

Though the condition affects both sexes, it’s more prevalent in men and usually attacks them soon after puberty. Dandruff scalps lose two to three times more hair than non-dandruff scalps.

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