6 Ways to Beat Fibro Fog

Also try low-impact aerobic activities — swimming, biking, or water aerobics. It may be helpful to work with a physical therapist with experience in training fibromyalgia patients.

Stay active throughout the day too.

“Revving up your heart rate by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking faster or standing during phone calls improves mental clarity,” Dr. Pasinski says.

And cut back on TV time. It drains you of energy and makes you even more tired and foggy, Dr. Pasinski says.

“Excessive TV watching is associated with depression, lower cognitive function and a decline in overall physical health,” she says.

4. Fibro fog lifter: Change your routine. 
A new daily routine challenges both your mind and body.

“When stuck in a rut, we’re constantly treading the same brain pathways,” Dr. Pasinski says. “Engaging in a new activity literally wakes up our brains.”

That’s because the brain has to lay new neural pathways to process fresh information.

Try it: Trade the treadmill for a stationary bike, shop at a different store, take an alternate route home or try a new recipe.

And go outside your social comfort zone, Dr. Pasinski advises.

The next time you’re in the supermarket checkout line, start chatting with a stranger. Meeting new people and engaging in conversation forces your brain to pay attention.

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