17 Things Everyone Should Know About Epilepsy

13. People with epilepsy can lead very active lives.

People with epilepsy can lead very active lives.

Revolution3 Triathlon / Via Flickr: ericdwheeler

Eric Wheeler (shown above) is a marathoner and triathlete who — like many other athletes — also happens to have epilepsy. According to Stern, “A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone and it should not be avoided because of epilepsy. Moreover, some people with epilepsy find their seizures are better controlled when they are active. Exercise and recreation can help reduce stress, improve mood, and help brain health, which can benefit seizure control.”

Of course, seizures should be well-controlled — through medication, healthy habits (like avoiding known triggers), and sometimes even brain surgery — before a person with epilepsy participates in sports like triathlons.

As Stern emphasizes, “the activities need to be safe ones with regard to the person’s seizure risk.”

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