17 Things Everyone Should Know About Epilepsy

9. Seizures aren’t just triggered by flashing lights.

Seizures aren't just triggered by flashing lights.

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In fact, less than 2% of people with epilepsy have photosensitive epilepsy, says Sanders. They’re more commonly triggered by stress or being overtired.

Other common triggers include specific times of day or night (for instance, I’ve had most of my seizures just before sunset); sleep deprivation; stress; illness; flashing bright lights or patterns; caffeine, alcohol, or drug use; menstrual cycles or other hormonal changes; poor diet; and certain medications.

“Epilepsy affects everyone differently,” emphasizes Sander. “Although there can be similarities, people tend to have different triggers for their seizures, while some have none. Recognizing those triggers and trying to avoid them is an important part of self-management.”

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