24 Self-Care Tips For Anyone Living With Chronic Pain

6. Or open up to someone you trust, so that you don’t have to keep it all to yourself.

“Being able to take a step back from my hectic college life, and get feedback on my feelings helps me tremendously.”

7. Embrace the magic of a really, really good bath.

“Let’s talk about baths for a second, okay? Joints feeling achy? Been on a cane for a few days? March (or roll) yourself to a damn tub, throw in (or have someone help you throw in) a half cup of epsom bath salts. Turn off the lights and soak for as long as you damn well please. A hot bath eases my pain in such a wonderful way. And ~bonus~: it helps melt the stress away, which can help ward off flare ups!

If you’re in a particularly bad flare up and getting in and out of a tub isn’t doable (we’ve all been there!), a seated shower works wonders as well!”

8. Give yoga a try.

“I’ve been suffering from a compression fracture in my vertebrae since I was 15, going on 16. As it’s worsened over time, I’ve recently taken up yoga and it’s so far the best thing I could do for my back because it helps strengthen both my core and my back, as well as teach me balance, flexibility, and good posture.”

9. Exercise in the water for a lower-impact workout.

“Aquatic physical therapy is also a huge help. The buoyancy is such a help when it comes to doing exercises to keep your strength up as well as your range of motion and flexibility.”

10. Use tennis balls or other tools to work your muscles at home.

“Tennis or racquet balls or tools like the Knobble are AMAZING for sciatica and piriformis muscle pain. Lay on your back, put the ball or the Knobble tool under your butt cheek, and adjust the position until you get it directly under the spot where the spasm or sciatica is occurring. It feels sooooo good when it releases the muscle.”
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