8 Tips for Entertaining at Home When You Have Multiple Sclerosis

5.Hire Help or Buy Prepared Food

Hiring help is another option when you’re event-planning with MS.

“You don’t have to do it all by yourself,” Kalb emphasizes. If you hire someone to cook and clean, you can spend more time socializing and having a good time, she says.

Another alternative is to buy prepared foods at the supermarket or takeout from a restaurant.

“One of my girlfriends loves the mashed potatoes from Boston Market and will order them for our parties,” Schwarz says.

6.Start Preparations Early

To avoid overdoing it and getting fatigued, plan your meal and start your preparations way ahead of time, suggests Schwarz.

Try to get as much done as you can in the days ahead, she says. Set the table a day or two before. Bake the lasagna when you’re having a good day, then freeze it. And if you’re not doing things last-minute, you can take an hour to put your feet up and replenish your energy stores before your guests arrive.

7.Stay Cool in the Kitchen

Many people with MS find that their symptoms worsen when they’re exposed to heat and humidity. To avoid becoming overheated while cooking, make sure your kitchen is ventilated and cool, Weisser says. Keep a window open to draw hot air out of the house. “If you’re using the oven, wear cooling products like an ice vest or neck wrap,” she advises. “Mist yourself with a water fan.”

8.Don’t Forget to Eat

You can get so busy preparing for the party that you forget to stop and eat. That’s a no-no, says Schwarz. Having some nuts and cheese may be a good way to replenish your energy stores. You should eat every four hours, and be sure to stay hydrated as well. Dehydration can sap your energy and cause fatigue.

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