Mushrooms can be dangerous drugs — Robert Ervin

I’ve been watching the Tony Robinson case since the beginning. Robinson got high on psychedelic mushrooms. He went around attacking people and charged a police officer. Very sadly, he was shot and killed.

Having lived through the ’60s, I experimented with hallucinogens. Time and age have eroded our memories of people performing death-defying stunts on hallucinogens such as jumping from the balconies of high-rise buildings.

Mushrooms especially gave me a feeling of invulnerability and indestructibility. I didn’t think I could be physically hurt. Thankfully, I maintained a small sliver of common sense and even freedom of choice while tripping.

If I had taken the mushrooms that Robinson did, my autobiography might have ended as his did. Robinson never had that freedom of choice any more than the cop who shot him did.

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