This photograph shows a little known symptom of thyroid cancer

Other symptoms of thyroid cancer include:

A neck lump which feels firm, doesn’t move easily under the skin or grows over time
Swollen neck glands
Unexplained hoarseness of the voice that doesn’t improve over weeks
A sore throat that doesn’t improve over weeks
Unexplained pain in the neck
Difficulty swallowing
Breathing difficulties.
Because of the innocuous nature of this particular type of cancer, if you suffer one or more of these symptoms, visit a GP.

I think everyone should have someone like Des – no matter the illness. Mental health in patients – especially patients with cancer is so overlooked.

My ability to lead a better life is the fact that I had psychological support from day one.

Lorna has been clear of the cancer for over a year.

Lorna will be running a marathon in April to raise money for Get-A-Head, and you can donate towards the marathon and the charity here.

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