UAE University scientists hope to roll out new kidney disease test

AL AIN // Scientists at UAE University hope to introduce a new way of detecting kidney disease to hospitals and clinics.

The test, which checks how well a patient’s kidneys filter the drug iothalamate, is an “inexpensive and reliable” way to spot the disease at an early stage, says Dr Iltaf Shah, an assistant professor of biochemistry.

It is estimated that more than 2,000 people have chronic kidney disease in the UAE, with about 250 cases diagnosed each year.

“If implemented in hospitals, this test could be a very important first line of defence and could add to existing tests to fight against chronic kidney disease,” said Dr Shah.

“It will enable health authorities to quickly and accurately assess kidney function and determine the health of a patient’s kidneys.”

The test was tried on 20 volunteer patients in a two-year development process. They were given iothalamate to check their glomerular filtration rate – the rate fluid is filtered through the kidney.

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