UAE University scientists hope to roll out new kidney disease test

“Another option is a kidney transplant from a donor. So knowing about the disease in the early stage will help doctors to combat the problem at the outset, before it gets any worse.”

Dialysis can have a huge effect on a patient’s life. Last week, The National reported on the growing number of kidney patients who lost their jobs and were eventually deported because dialysis took up too much time.

People with chronic kidney disease often have to make weekly trips to the hospital.

Prof Ashraf hopes his team can use their research for the benefit of patients.

“One of the biggest challenges we have is how to transfer this test to the clinics and labs,” Prof Ashraf said.

“For that, we have to recruit kidney patients with the help of local hospitals and doctors, and to apply this test and compare our results with the currently used approaches, as well as to compare the results obtained with healthy volunteers with normal kidney function.

“I think the main shortcoming we have is to overcome the resistance from lab personnel and doctors to explore the possibility of using this new test for kidney function.”

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