10 Things Having Epilepsy Has Taught Me

7. It is fine to miss who you used to be. I used to be a dancer and a skater and wear 7-inch stilettos, but I can’t do those things anymore. Sometimes I miss being that person so much that it makes me depressed. I had to learn that I can miss that person, but I should do so in admiration for who I used to be, not in sadness. Yes, my body is different, but I’m still the same person inside. I need to admire myself now, because I’m stronger and more emotionally secure than I was before.

8. You deserve everything everyone else does. I used to feel like I couldn’t be happy or enjoy my life like everyone else did, but I deserve it too. It is still my life to live and enjoy, even if I do so in different ways sometimes.

9. Fight for yourself. As I said before, doctors don’t know everything, and sometimes you have to fight for them to listen. If they don’t, go find another doctor who will listen. Fight until you get the help you need.

10. Pity sucks. People will pity you, and it sucks. It can make you feel useless, and quite frankly pity itself is useless. But I believe people pity because they do not understand how to show empathy, and most people don’t know how to show that unless they’ve been through the things we have. And that is their fault, not yours.

A disability and more specifically epilepsy can be difficult and challenging, but it can also teach you some life lessons and give you some memories you may have never had otherwise. Sometimes we have to look at hard things with a positive outlook.

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