7 Foods That Can Help Prevent Migraines

3. Red meat

The National Headache Foundation recommends staying away from certain meats, like aged, dried, fermented, pickled, salted, or smoked meat products, as they can trigger migraines. But eating all-natural, grass-fed beef and beef liver could be the solution to your never-ending headaches. Red meat is rich in CoQ10, a naturally occurring compound in your body, as well as vitamin B2. Both of these have been endorsed as migraine-preventers by The American Academy of Neurology and the Canadian Headache Society.

4. Butterbur

Butterbur, a plant in the sunflower family, has been studied extensively and shown to be effective at preventing migraines. In one study, German and American researchers gave adult migraine sufferers either a 75-mg dose or a placebo twice a day. After 4 months, researchers found that butterbur reduced migraines by 48%; the placebo reduced them by 26%. But, it should be used with caution because it has the potential to damage your liver.

5. Eggs

Your favorite breakfast food is also an “eggcellent” headache reducer. B vitamins play a huge role in headache and migraine prevention and treatment; doses of 200 or 400 milligrams a day of riboflavin (vitamin B2) has been found to be effective at reducing headache frequency, intensity, and duration. Two large eggs contain 24% of your daily value of riboflavin, which is why the National Institutes of Health considers them to be a high source of the nutrient.

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