Five things to know before starting an exercise routine

The best part about warm weather is our renewed ability to enjoy outdoor activities. This can be highly beneficial to people with lupus.  However, it’s best not to jump right into a rigorous exercise program. This is a good time to ease your body into the idea of working out.

Lupus patients can and should take part in physical activity. Before doing this, you should discuss with your physician or physical therapist what the best type of exercise will be for you. When you plan an exercise routine with your physician, take into account the level of activity that you have kept up earlier in the year. If you have been exercising through the winter, you may find it easier to exercise than if you are beginning now—not only is your body more conditioned, but the cooler weather is easier on your body in many ways.

Whether you are beginning (or renewing) an exercise routine now, or whether you have been working out throughout the year, there are a few key things that all people with lupus should know about exercise.

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