10 Signs of ADHD in Children

Though many children show some of the following behaviors, a child exhibiting many or all of these signs may have ADHD. Though this does not necessarily mean your child has ADHD, parents who have noticed many of these behaviors should discuss any concerns with their physician.

Inability to sustain attention

Obviously children are not the most attentive people in the world.  However, it is fairly easy to tell if a child has extreme difficulty paying attention to anything – even enjoyable activities – for more than a few minutes.  If this is the case, you may want to talk to your doctor.

Constant distraction

Also, children who are constantly distracted by sights and sounds may be exhibiting symptoms of ADHD.  Yes, children are often distracted by sights and sounds, but parents may want to monitor a child’s behavior if there are other symptoms present.  Children who seem completely unable to sustain attention beyond a sight or sound may need to be tested by a doctor for ADHD.

Difficulty sustaining eye contact

This symptom is not exclusive to children, as difficulty maintaining eye contact during conversation is also an issue with people who suffer from ADHD through adulthood.  It seems to be a product of the inattention and hyperactivity, leading a person to constantly be in motion rather than sustaining eye contact.

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