Have Lyme? Avoid These 3 Foods

Along with taking the correct antibiotics, many people have found better health by changing their diet in an effort to reduce the symptoms of Lyme and maximize their immune system’s own response to the illness.

Many of the issues associated with Lyme can be addressed through improving ones diet.

You may not be able to – or may not want to go “all the way” with any of these concepts – but even changing your diet just a little can help.


Gluten is a protein most commonly found in breads and pastas as well as other starchy foods that give it their “gluey” and “stretchy” quality. Some people’s systems have a bad reaction to gluten while most do not.

These days, gluten-free seems to be the answer to healthy eating. But is that true? The problem is that eating truly “gluten-free” can be very time consuming just shopping for gluten-free foods and expensive. While sales of gluten-free foods have soared by some 70% over the past few years, only a small percentage of the population really needs to avoid gluten.

A recent study showed that 21% of the people include gluten-free foods in their diet while some 17% of Americans avoid gluten-free products altogether and another 58% never think about gluten-free foods.

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