Prevent Cerebral Palsy On Your Newborn Babies

.B Handley, co-founder of Generation Rescue cuts to the chase when it comes to talking about the cause of autism. In an essay titled Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Pediatricians Do he says, “If a doctor sticks six vaccines into a child while the child is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and Tylenol for a cold, he’s not a doctor, he’s a criminal, and should be hauled into jail on the spot for assault and battery. If the child also happens to have eczema, long-term diarrhea, and has missed a milestone or two, perhaps the charge should be attempted murder.” These are appropriate words to describe what is happening in the world of pediatric medicine.

My 7 year-old son Jared collapsed in a playground holding his head. He could not walk. His speech was slurred. He had difficulty moving his left arm. Doctors would later tell us our 7 year-old child had suffered a stroke. While certain pre-existing conditions can cause stroke in kids, my son did not have any of those ailments. Doctors never could find a cause. As documented in a NY Times story, pediatric stroke is estimated to be the sixth leading cause of death in children. Meaning it affects thousands of infants and children every year. And studies show incident rates are increasing.

Older adults are not the only people in danger of suffering a stroke. Increasingly, children are also stricken, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. “Children and adolescents with stroke have remarkable differences in presentation (symptoms) compared with adults,” said E. Steve Roach, M.D., chair of the statement writing group and professor of pediatric neurology at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.

In a study of over 200 children who had suffered a stroke, nearly 80 per cent were found to have abnormalities in the brain’s arteries. These abnormalities were due to an inflammation, a narrowing or a tear in the artery walls and researchers believe they were caused by a variety of infections or diseases. Of course they did not even look at underlying magnesium deficiencies or to the disturbances that vaccines provoke in the vascular system. On both counts we could cry medical negligence bordering on the criminal.

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