12 things you need to know about Alopecia

4. But it can also be caused by stress

“Hair loss can also be brought on if you’ve recently experienced a traumatic event or stressful time in your life,” says Dr Batte, adding: “The high levels of stress hormones in your body that are produced in response to this may cause your hair to fall out.

“Stress in some people can also lead to an uncontrollable urge to pull out the hair from the scalp, eyebrows or eyelashes, known as trichotillomania.”

5. A healthy, balanced diet can help sufferers

“Your hair is made of a protein called keratin, so diets that are extremely low in protein may be associated with hair loss,” says Dr Batte. She also mentions that low iron diets can also affect hair loss, so says her “best advice is to eat a healthy and balanced diet”.

6. Hair thinning is not the same as alopecia

Although women who experience female pattern hair loss may notice that their hair thins out first on top of the head before it begins to fall out, this isn’t the same as Alopecia Areata. “Those experiencing this have coin-shaped bald patches on their head,” says Dr Batte.

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