12 things you need to know about Alopecia

10. No, washing your hair won’t make it worse

“A common myth is that shampooing can affect your hair loss, but this is wrong,” says Dr Batter. “You can shampoo as normal, as this won’t worsen hair loss.”

11. Hair may or may not grow back

“It completely depends on the individual,” says our medical expert. “A person with mild Alopecia Areata can expect to have a full head of hair again within a year. For a person with more severe Alopecia Areata or with female pattern hair loss, there is no guarantee that the treatments available will work and the hair may not grow back.”

12. And it might recur

“Alopecia Areata can and does recur in some people, especially if: your hair loss starts in childhood; it affects more than half of the hair on the scalp; if your eyelashes and your eyebrows are affected too; if you have eczema; or if someone in your family experiences or has had alopecia.” For others, though, they can experience a single episode and it might never come back.

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