What Is Gestational Diabetes?

Lifestyle modification include cutting out processed and refined sugars and fried or fatty foods. Your diet should include mostly fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. With your doctor’s okay, light to moderate exercise should be included in your daily routine.

If lifestyle changes aren’t enough to regulate your blood sugar, your doctor may prescribe a pill to control your blood sugar or even insulin. The exact regimen will vary depending on your individual clinical circumstances and the doctor’s preferences and experience.

When to Call the Doctor

When your doctor explains your treatment protocol, he’ll likely give you guidelines as to what your blood sugar should be and when. He should also tell you when to call him or go to the emergency room if you have abnormal blood sugar results. Make sure to follow his instructions exactly if you have an abnormal result. In addition, don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

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