Can Adults with Bipolar Adopt Children of Their Own?

Debunking the Mental Illness Myth

No, I can’t have a baby. Didn’t I tell you? Sorry. I thought I did. I’m bipolar. Yep. I’ve had it for years. But the good thing is, I don’t have many bad days now. Not for a while. Good doctor, good medicine, working hard with my therapist on stuff. My dad was bipolar, it’s in our family. One of my cousins is. No way am I taking the chance of my kid getting it from me, or having birth defects from medications I don’t dare stop taking.

And I was told I can’t adopt, either. Because of my bipolar, I was told I am “mentally defective and unfit to parent.” I am “hazardous to a child’s health.” I am “damaged goods.” I could? How do you know? You are? You are bipolar. And you’re adopting? Do they know you’re bipo–? They do?! And you still can!

Your son is adopted, too? I never knew that, but then again, I never asked. I just assumed … I can adopt!  Keep talking, girlfriend, tell me tell me tell me!

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