Can Adults with Bipolar Adopt Children of Their Own?

The New Normal: Different is Normal

Get the message? Yes, really. Yes, you. Just like those regular … um … what DO you call them? Oh, like those normal people can? (In my opinion, those “normal” people aren’t what they say they are. They aren’t what they think they are. They only think they are what they say and think they are! Confused? I would be after reading that. In other words, normal people have never existed, or if they did, or do, they have left the planet.) Different is normal. We all have different fingerprints, scientific proof that there’s no such thing as normal, only different. My different is bipolar, but that did not exclude from adopting my child and it doesn’t exclude you. Straight from the horse’s mouth, let the truth be known – you can adopt a child and be bipolar, too!

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