Helping Your Adolescent with Asperger’s Syndrome

Following is a list of warning signs of Asperger’s Syndrome to look for in your teen:

  • Misperceived by others as a smart aleck
  • Has a very limited tolerance for any kind (e.g. reacts to any disruption to his or the family’s normal routine)
  • Has difficulty showing or expressing empathy for others
  • Frequently misinterprets obvious social cues, such as body language
  • Is socially awkward
  • Avoids eye contact or stares at others
  • Is immature for his or her age
  • Talks a lot about himself or herself / conversations tend to be one-sided
  • Intensely focuses on a specific subject (e.g. astronomy or baseball stats)
  • Repeats the same movement again and again
  • Speaks in a manner than seems robotic or monotone
  • Has limited emotional expression (e.g. feels happy but doesn’t smile)
  • Doesn’t know how to respond in conversations
  • Is naïve in social situations
  • Is too trusting
  • Prefers clear rules and structure
  • Says exactly what he or she is thinking (e.g. frequently comes across as blunt or inappropriate, due to a lack of normal “filters” rather than intention)

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