Helping Your Adolescent with Asperger’s Syndrome

  • Feels as if he or she doesn’t fit in with peers
  • Is often bullied or teased
  • Is socially isolated
  • Has no interest in fads or trends
  • Marches to his or her own drummer
  • Tends to take sarcastic remarks literally

When looking for signs of AS, it can be helpful to reflect on your adolescent’s early childhood and pre-teen years.  Symptoms that may have been present early on include:

  • Motor skill development was delayed
  • Posture or facial expressions were unusual
  • Spoke in a formal manner that seemed advanced for his or her age
  • Got very agitated or upset with any change in routine
  • Had a heightened sensitivity to loud noises or other types of stimulation, such as strong tastes or bright lights
  • Was very pre-occupied with certain subjects or things

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