Meet the World’s First Ironman With Cerebral Palsy

Paddock founded the OM Foundation in 2009 to build early-learning centers for children born with disabilities.

Paddock’s training regimen was fueled solely by a Google search: “how to run a marathon.” He ramped up his daily mileage week by week, but soon his body began resisting the distance. He decided to rest during the final eight weeks before the run, believing that if his legs couldn’t carry him 26.2 miles, his determination would.

Running is not a natural motion for someone with CP, because the condition causes your leg muscles to be out of sync with your brain. Nine miles into the marathon, Paddock’s knees were buckling and his legs were cramped. His poor body mechanics only added to his fatigue, but he kept pushing. Five hours later, he stumbled across the finish line amid cheers of “Way to do it for Jake!” He spent the following three days bedridden but proud, thinking about what he’d do next.

The Next Mountain

Paddock wanted an even greater physical challenge, something big and dramatic that would get people’s attention. He decided on Mount Kilimanjaro.

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