Exercises Which an Helping of Brain Injury to Recover

Cognitive Exercises.

These are exercises which help a person to become more alert and attentive hence help in recovering the cognitive functions of the brains such as the ability to reason, recover memory, have emotions etc. Some of the exercises include writing and learning.

There may be some stages involved in these activities according to the severity of the damage and a person could start by identifying symbols, drawing etc., and when such a person gets stronger he/she could start reading or memorizing verses.

Listening Exercises.

These are exercises which are meant to help a victim to be attentive and recover the cognitive functions. A victim could be asked to listen and then some names or words are read to him/her and he/she have to identify them e.g. by marking the read words on a paper.

Motor therapies.

These are therapies which enable a person recover the physical functioning of the body. They are meant to help in the maintaining of the body muscle tone as well as the functioning of ligaments and tendons hence enabling a patient to get stronger.


These are exercises which help the brain to create and develop neurons and their pathways in the brain. When new neurons are created they replace the one’s damaged and hence a victim of brain injury can be able to recover from any abnormal body functioning.

They are performed through exercising of the brain by challenging it e.g. writing with your left hand instead of right. This challenges the brain hence enhancing plasticity and development of neurons.

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