8 Symptoms of Dyslexia Caused by Visual Problems

1.Reversing letters like b and d

When dyslexics read they make excessive eye movements. Their eyes wobble – they constantly move left to right, and right to left. So they read ‘b’ both from left to right and from right to left – which is what makes it look like a ‘d’.

2.Skipping words and lines when reading

Because their eyes move too much, it’s very easy for them to skip words and lines.

3.Very poor spelling

Dyslexics don’t look at every letter when they read. You can read if you only look at a few letters in a word. But to spell correctly you need to remember every letter.

4.Difficulty copying off the board

Copying off the board requires looking at the board, then at your paper, then back again. If it is hard to control your eye movements and focus, then it will be hard to go back to the correct place.

5.Words appear to move, or are blurry or double

Most dyslexics have focus issues. When one eye is looking at one letter, the other eye is looking at a different letter. This means their brain receives two images at the same time. If the brain alternates which image to process, it causes the text to appear to move.

Alternatively the brain can take the two images and use both of them, which makes the words look blurry or double.

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