8 Symptoms of Dyslexia Caused by Visual Problems

6.Not understanding what was read

People without dyslexia look at around 150 points per minute when reading. But people with dyslexia look at around 1,000 – mostly in the wrong place. So they spend a lot of brain power filtering out the wrong points. Then they don’t have enough processing power left to understand what they’ve read.

7.Reading slowly

Because dyslexics make too many eye movements it takes their brain a long time to realise what the next letter / word should be. So they keep rescanning the text until their brain can make sense of it.

8.Getting eyestrain or tired when reading

When you read, you need to refocus your eyes every time they move. For a dyslexic person this can be around 1,000 times per minute. No wonder it is tiring and can cause sore eyes.

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