11 Surprising Signs You Might Be A Narcissist

In any given day, almost all of us show some signs of narcissism, and that’s totally OK. For some people, however, it can get out of hand. When that happens, it’s not only super frustrating for you the narcissistic, but for everyone who bears the brunt of your selfishness.

Which is, of course, the very definition of narcissism. “Narcissism can be most easily defined as a need to feel special or important,” clinical psychologist Dr. Leslie Carr tells Bustle. “We can say that most people feel the need to be special or important, but with narcissists it is ‘more so.'”

So how can you tell when your love of attention goes beyond normal everyday self-centeredness and crosses over into true narcissism? As Carr says, “Narcissism usually negatively impacts people when it starts to take a toll on their relationships (eg, other people resent their need to be the center of attention all the time).” If it’s truly severe, it may even be a sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

While you shouldn’t immediately assume you have a personality disorder (they are pretty rare, after all), it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for ways you might be making your life more difficult. If you spot some of the signs of narcissism below, you can take steps to reel in your selfishness. Or you can make an appointment with a therapist for some tips on how to cope.

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