The CSIRO’s new Low-Carb Diet rethinks healthy eating – slashing carbs and putting healthy fats back on the menu

“And, if I couldn’t cook it, or shop for it, I didn’t want to put it in there,” she says of the 80 recipes complementing the meal plans, shopping lists, exercises, chapters on understanding hunger, appetite, and health markers.

The 50g of carb a day, means the diet is “nutritionally complete”.

Yes, it does include breads and some whole grains, and lean protein, but there also is a big bump in leafy greens.

By the time CSIRO trial participants were on 60g of carb a day, she says it was clear that many were deviating within the plan, “getting comfortable with it”, and making it fit their days, without going over the count.

“The 50g six-week start gets the body and mind used to this way of eating,” she says, intimating the next level of 70g would feel like luxury, yet still look after your health.


TAKE a good look at your pantry. Use the food list in the book and stock it so that there is always suitable food on hand.

CHECK with your health consultant that the diet is suitable for you, particularly if you are on any medication.

INVOLVE people around you to gather support. Help them understand the health aspects, and why you are following this diet.

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