Psoriasis Drugs Among Leaders in Drug Side Effect Reporting

XTRAC Therapy is FDA-cleared and has been shown to provide true remission for patients with psoriasis.4 It has also demonstrated in clinical studies excellent efficacy with extremely high clearance rates (greater than 95% in just over 10 treatments).5 Furthermore, XTRAC Therapy has been proven to be effective in treating thick, scaled plaques on the knees and elbows, which are difficult-to-treat areas and often resistant to conventional treatments.6

Almost any patient with plaque psoriasis can be considered for XTRAC Therapy – patients with mild, moderate or severe disease are all suitable candidates. For more information on XTRAC Therapy, call 1-800-800-4758 or visit

About STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc.
STRATA Skin Sciences is a medical technology company focused on the therapeutic and diagnostic dermatology market. Its products include the XTRAC® laser and VTRAC® excimer lamp systems utilized in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and various other skin conditions.

* John Fauber is a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Matthew Wynn is a reporter for MedPage Today. The original USA Today Network Exclusive story was reported as a joint project of the Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today, which provides a clinical perspective for physicians on breaking medical news.

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