Dementia patients at home at the Lodge

Baptcare divisional operations manager Lindon Le Griffon said generic residential care is not always the most appropriate setting for residents with dementia.

“People who move into residential aged care are often happy to hand over cooking, cleaning, and other household activities to the provider because of age or frailty,” Ms Ke Griffon said.

“But, for some people with Alzheimer’s, the inability to be involved in all the activities of daily living can be demoralising and often not understood by the person.”

Research conducted by Alzheimer’s Australia has forecast that Wyndham residents will have the second highest prevalence of dementia in Victoria by 2050, owing to the rapid population growth of the municipality, and the corresponding rise in numbers of senior residents.

Joyce Hoyle, 87, moved in three weeks ago, and said she had settled in very quickly.

“I’ve grown roots on my feet,” she laughed.

“It’s the people that count, and a nice cozy chair to sit in occasionally … and a nice bed.”

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